The person that deserves to meet One Direction more than anyone….

Bianca ( ) she works her butt of everyday making post for one direction fans to show their love to the boys. She writes letters to one direction, to let them know they are loved and that they mean alot to the fans; and i just hope that one day they will be able to see all the hard work she puts into it. The boys need to see that, they are always having to fight off rumors and i bet it would be nice to see a whole page with no negativity whats so ever, and just pure love all about them for once. She has saved all her money in hopes just to see them live in person for once; but they are not near her. Then she may can go to the New York one also! If any of you have connections with the boys or know how she could meet them, please let me know!! She is the kindist girl on tumblr and is there for anyone that needs help, she deserves this more than anyone i know!! :)

Love Laken (:

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